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ARGH! Fucking JESUS CHRIST. I just went and deleted the entire Dirk database, all 3 years and thirty thousand connections of it. Insert moment of panic here. I've got a backup, but it's a month old. The 300 most recent connections are lost, but the database appears to be in a consistent state. Bloody hell.

Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean the Upsideclown will rest. Oh no. Not while James still has spleen to vent and bile to boil. "I'm fat from over-eating and knackered from yet another night on the town. But I'm still angry. Very very angry."

Today, from James: My drift's too hip to resist.

(In other news, Upsideclone is short of something to post tomorrow, so if the festive season has those creative juices bubbling, feel free to throw something along to We'll be happy to have ya.)

Hey, something new to look at, from me to you: my 2001 photo collection. Not really a theme here -- just some of my favourite photographs taken over the last year that I hadn't put online. Best ones... well, that's difficult, but probably fountain, oaktree, and camera.

And just for completeness, and because there isn't a main index page, here are hyperlinks to all my photo collections:

I think that's just about it. Have a Merry Winterval, won't you.

If you're after some good links, there's an entire year's worth distilled into a single page at iamcal's Christmas special.

A Christmas Eve Upsideclown for you, from Neil: Here's All the People.

Hey, nice idea. Shop160 lets you buy CDs by SMSing from your mobile phone.

Good McSweeney's: Three Good Things That Happened to Me Recently.

Just set 'em up. And knock 'em down.

Except. Except knocking 'em down isn't particularly painless at the moment. Any single thing, fine. But no matter how rational an explanation of why a problem isn't quite so bad -- when I'm in the thick of it everything else just piles down. Not doing well. This has been going on for some weeks. I'm beginning to get a little tired of the situation.

Still looking for somebody to fill the room in the flat. Had our first person round to view at 08.15 this morning. Dark. Well, it is dark outside. Badly decorated. Hm. Bachelor pad. What do you expect? --you're 12 years older than me! Ouch. This isn't easy.

Tell you what though, flat James had some fun choosing the DVDs we should leave casually lying around to give the impression of a well-ordered and refined flat mind. Shame she never looked at them. Gah. And we don't even have anybody else lined up for viewing, despite the ads in Loot.

(I'd just like to point out that I had a very nice link from ia/ the other day. Mmm. I feel all warm inside. Now, to think of something revolutionary and actually worth linking to...)

Thank you Stewart, that's what I meant to say: Stewart on what we get for free by being human. Spot on.

Apple to launch 'revolutionary' new product. Sigh. Here we go again.

Hey Reader, fancy doing me a favour? I sent this email out today, and it's be good of you to help spread the word. Summary: Flatmate wanted for flatshare in Bethnal Green, London.

i find myself with an empty room in a flat in london to fill -- i'm moving out, my flatmates aren't, there's a spare room, long story -- and we need to find someone very soon. immediately, actually.. if you've got any friends who might be interested, could you ask around, spread the word a bit? would be *extremely* grateful. thanks!

estate agent bit coming up: Room available in converted biscuit factory precisely 90 seconds walk from Bethnal Green station (Central Line). Three bedroom modern flat, in secure block, with two friendly young males (accountants both, but don't hold that against them). full use of kitchen [count 'em: washing machine! microwave! dishwasher!], lounge, and bathroom with *exceptionally* good shower. 530ukp per month; available immediately.

a bit of backstory: i'm moving out of the flat because my girlfriend's moving up to london. so far so good! my current flatmates haven't been able to find anyone to move in, so there's an empty room -- and i'm liable for the rent. ah. so: here we are.

i'll buy you all beer sometime. i'll have a "people who helped matt" party in the new place. how does that sound, incentive enough?

Expanding on yesterday's post about the glorious reality, today is my Upsideclown: "I've got no time for that. Label an electron Love, and I'll talk to you. Point to where Tears are, in the fabric of Objective Reality, and maybe I'll give you the time of day. But until then: Enough of your What Ifs and check this out: here."

I hope you like it too. Cascades of life through history, the textured interwoven universe. Fresh today: Life. Enjoy.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I shall post on Upsideclown an article I have written. In fact, the best Upsideclown that has ever been written. Oh yes.

Why even think about the nature of reality? That's just the syntax of the reality code. It's fixed. It's like air. We can't compare it to anything, can't even see it. But the environment, that's a different story. These conventions, these interactions, these things around us. Those foundations of our environment, our shared class library, that's what's interesting. That's where we can question the design, the method. All these objects, they all fit together: What would it mean to have something truly different, to still fit in reality but not make use of any of our reusable code?

And I've been thinking about history. This environment we're all building -- there's only one of it, and it's lasted as long as there's been humanity. This rug we weave. It's beautiful. It's all around us. I sit in a building older than I am! My life is textured by billions of humans and tens of thousands of years, at every moment. The age of things. The life we lead. The sounds, the city, the life. And here we are.


Do you find yourself avoiding the use of underlines in Real Life because they look like hyperlinks? And how about underlined blue text (which I feel strangely compelled to click, even though links aren't blue in this design)?

Currently upset and annoyed about four, yes count them four things. I have not the fingernails that can cope with this.

The difference between design and style: The Bathing Ape Has No Clothes [via haddock]. Spot on.

Naked ladies on teletext [via static kitten]. I'm not quite sure why people attempt to coerce every way of drawing pictures, no matter how rubbish, into porn. Supporting evidence: the C64 was full of it; even ascii's not safe. It's all quite ironic really, given how effective plain text is at putting incredibly filthy ideas into your head.

Look! sylloge is back. This is a Good Thing.

SOAP::Lite, Perl module, kicks serious arse. Client and server implemented for SOAP and xmlrpc, with a really good interface -- by which I mean: You can do things as difficult and high-end as you need, but if you're doing simple stuff the interface scales back down with you, getting easier and easier. Impressed. (We've just demoed a three part system communicating with xmlrpc and SOAP, with php and AppleScript frontends. Sweet.)

"Imagine getting up in the morning and finding your feet had been replaced by wheels". Chorlton and the Wheelies!

look. fucking look right here. LOOK. the really incredible thing with this Segway thing is that there are no controls, that there is no mental friction involved to use the thing, and that's an incredible thing. For years as machines get more complicated, the controls get more complicated too, the mental friction increased. and we expect that. nonsense! machines should KNOW what i want to do before i do. that control is good is one of the two values FORCED on us by an inadequate capitalist system because it can't do any better. lack of control sets us free. the future is NOW.

(The other so called "value" being: consistency. Since when was consistency in flavour, production quality, colour and so on a good thing? Since the Industrial Revolution forced cheap-ass factories on us, forced us to be mass-produced production-line consumers, that's when.)

Segway Human Transporter! Official website. I so want one.

Cool. There's a way of measuring level of coma: the Rancho Los Amigos Scale. I spend most of my time at work at level IV.

Speechless [from blackbeltjones]. THE FUTURE WAS ALMOST 20 YEARS AGO.

IT's called Segway [from haddock]. Wow. It turns out Ginger is a personal transportation device that kind of senses what you want to do -- lean, and it moves there. That's roughly how horses work, so finally we've got a piece of technology that does what you want, minimal mental friction. (Paradoxically, that's going to take some getting used to. We're used to controls.) I just want to get this in before the inevitable backlash starts later today and everybody claims they hate Ginger and always have done. One: "Segway" is an ultra cool name. It sounds like something from Epcot or Tron or something. Two: No controls! Like a horse on a unicycle! Uses the same motor controls we've evolved over 6000 years of external propulsion! THE FUTURE IS NOW.