Interconnected is one year old today -- which means I have a whole year of content to repurpose. You'll see it, day by day, in the new box on the Forest skin ("what, you mean this weblog is skinnable?"). I'm particularly proud of the first week, in which I post nothing but demands that this is not a weblog and one or two very weblog comments. Stunning doublethink.

Looking through the archives, I'm also impressed (read: rather alarmed) that my basic themes (geekdom, the kitsch and the rude) are the same as a year ago. Have I really changed so little?

Oh, the One year ago box continues my trend of breaking the design in Netscape 4.x. I can't help it, I like stylesheets. And I'm having some css problems with Netscape 6, which concerns me a little more, but it's only a minor display issue. Once again, Mac IE 5 renders perfectly.