My most popular posts in 2020 and other lists

10.56, Thursday 17 Dec 2020 Link to this post

This blog turned 20 years old in February, and it turned out to be a productive year – although I had no idea at the time how much I’d end up writing.

According to Google Analytics, my 5 most popular posts in 2020 were (in descending order):

Here’s a longer list: my 20 most popular posts in 2020.

Out of the 100+ posts this year, I’ve also made a list of the most speculative, on topics such as…

  • Cyborg prosthetics and smartphones with limbs
  • Charisma as a physiological mutation
  • Ice cream trucks for coffee, now we’re working at home
  • Breathing out stress as isoprene
  • Ancient magicians
  • Weird office furniture

Here you go: 18 speculative posts in 2020.

Some stats.

  • 2016: 48 posts (25,227 words, 462 links)
  • 2017: 22 posts (17,007 words, 244 links)
  • 2018: 15 posts (16,786 words, 123 links)
  • 2019: 8 posts (7,268 words, 78 links)
  • 2020, to year end: 116 posts (94,348 words, 712 links)

94,000 words? That’s what lockdown does. And also a different approach to writing. Back in September, I posted my 15 personal rules for blogging which are all about dodging mental traps.

Update 2 Jan, 2021: Finalised 2020 stats, above.

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