Interconnected is 20 years old today

12.26, Wednesday 19 Feb 2020 Link to this post

20 years is pretty old for a blog, right? Although nowadays I “blog” more to my daily work notes or my “draft posts” folder than I post here.

I actually have a post I’m working on. But, as is typical, it’s getting longer and longer each time I touch it, and (I know how this movie goes) it’ll probably soon get to the point where I think it’s too boring, too asinine, or too wrong to do anything with. So no promises on that front.

Instead here’s a rambling post from 2007, from before I got self-conscious.

If you’re looking for some good sci-fi, try Unholy Land by Lavie Tidhar (I kind of don’t want to point at a review but if you insist). The book I am currently most excited about reading is the new short story retrospective from Molly Gloss, Unforeseen – I have the paperback on pre-order. In the meantime, read her novel Wild Life (there’s a decent blurb behind that link). Both of these books deal with subtle uncertainty and unstable realities. Much of Wild Life takes place in silence. Gloss writes about silence beautifully.