Welcome to 2001, would you care to come in? It's Monday, and Mondays always (without fail) mean spanking fresh Upsideclown. Not only is there a new article on this the first day of the new year, but some last-minute rota shuffling meant that I got to write it. Fantastic. So in the spirit of the time, I've picked up some common predictions for the future, and pulled them to shreds. For example:

1. In the future sex is free and easy

I'd contend this isn't even a prediction, given the same is true today so long as you ask politely. And sex isn't difficult so long as either (a) you have a reasonable percentage of the full complement of limbs; or (b) your accomplice is on top.

I'm very pleased with it; I hope you'll be pleased too. So from today at Upsideclown you can read the new Six predictions for tomorrow (and why they're wrong). Enjoy.