Blogmeet last night. Meg says all the important stuff. We were doing so well. So many people. We'd almost taken over the top floor of the Rat & Parrot - only the two sofas left - and were only a few people away from attaining critical mass, that point at which webloggers from all over London, maybe even the country, feel drawn towards Soho and spontaneously appear in the pub, a gathering the likes of which has never been seen before. But then we were moved on, saved. Some vile enemy, perhaps, had decided that the time was right to take us all out in one fell swoop, and we had to leave, an exodus, the sea of people parting before us as the column of UK-based Independent Content Providers marched through the night, foraging for food, babies being born, old women being carried by fearless leaders, tribal politics, pronouncements from Heaven, following a fire in the sky, arriving eventually at the promised land, some pub or another I can't remember the name, a place of milk and honey - but mainly beer, in fact almost exclusively beer, maybe a spirit/mixer too - and there we rested, and settled, and grew. And then went home.

Still, a good night. Apologies to all the people I was pissed at (but I still must have that tshirt), and if you weren't there why not?