Upsideclown is one year old today. So... well, we're doing two things.

First, we're having a party to celebrate the year and the 100th article (which is on Monday, by the way). It's a week on Friday, come along.

Second: We're starting a sister site and we're on the hunt for writers. Interested? Upsideclone will be kind of like Upsideclown, but more whimsical, by anybody who wants to write, y'know, freer, open-er. Yeah. Well, it's not terribly easy to describe. But we'd like to, well, expand the team, bring more people on board, have fun. Etc. Blah. Submission policy's on the page. Come on come on come on come on come on. Come on. And then come and have a chat in the Upsideclone forums, and we'll convince you. With pointy sticks.