The Mole looks like an interesting game show: Ten people do tasks to win money, which goes into a kitty. One of the team is a mole, planted to disrupt proceedings and stop the team winning. The person who guesses which member of the team is the mole takes the entire kitty. The 'site says it's won the Golden Rose of Montreux, which apparently is the top tele award in Europe.

So I was thinking about this, and about Dares for Dollars, and then I chucked in a bit of delayed punishment (like, would you do a deal with the devil to have a rich and exciting life, but go to hell for all eternity in twenty years time) -- and I came up with a new game show. The premise is this: A number of people stand in a chest x-ray machine, and radiation blasts continually through them. The last person to leave wins the jackpot. How long will contestants stay in there given they won't have any effects of the machine until terrible illness afflicts them a decade or two down the line? Who will crumble first? It would be gripping. And only a teeny bit unethical.