Now the masses have returned to aimless interweb browsing (also known as work), it's a good time for me to remind you that we at Upsideclown published as usual during the winterval, and there are now four more articles for your delectation that you may have missed:

  • fuck xmas.
    21 December, by Jamie.
    "I left my advent calendar on the windowsill. The sun came out. Now a piece of chocolate that used to look like Santa is seeping from Homer Simpson's left eye."
  • Many in Body, One in Mind.
    25 December, by Neil.
    "What about your anxieties? I'm not going to ask you to share them with everyone because sometimes there can be something very personal about our fears but bear them in mind because it helps us to remember that we are all bringing our outside experiences in with us today and taking this experience back out. Above all I want to help you realise that this site is a mirror, it causes us to see and to understand ourselves as much as it may inform or entertain."
  • Never drink with men in red.
    28 December, by James.
    "Yeah, well I'm not responsible for whatever crap kids read on the 'net. It's not like this is the fucking Terrorist's Handbook, or free hardcore porn sex with animals, is it? And anyway, it's not like anyone who reads this is actually going to believe that it's the real Santa you're interviewing. Nobody actually believes in the real Santa any more. Most people will probably think this is some sort of sick joke article, or something."
  • Six predictions for tomorrow.
    1 January, by myself.
    "1.In the future sex is free and easy
    I'd contend this isn't even a prediction, given the same is true today so long as you ask politely. And sex isn't difficult so long as either (a) you have a reasonable percentage of the full complement of limbs; or (b) your accomplice is on top.

And of course Upsideclown will continue with articles fresh every Monday and Thursday.