I have been remiss with the Upsideclone (well, I've been busy, but that's no excuse), which is a shame because it's been particularly good these last couple of weeks. So it's plug time, just to remind you that if you want to read great creative writing every Friday, 'clone is the place you should be.

Kevan Davis is up this week with Ask The Audience: "I'm told they give furtive net-curtain shots of houses without cameras, every couple of hours, for a bit of a comic relief, a bit of viewer conformity reassurance, a bit of an excuse to bring out the placards and the petrol bombs". Brilliant. And a bundle of throwaway near-future ideas too.

Last week 'clone was host to RavenBlack with Don't You Just Hate Stupid People: "As he left, conversation around the shop returned to normal - apparently trivia about the television, and famous actors, in case another Mensa were to enter unexpectedly. In truth, we each translated our conversation on the fly, in-depth conversation about the political issues of the day". Go now. Good reading.

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