Hey Reader, fancy doing me a favour? I sent this email out today, and it's be good of you to help spread the word. Summary: Flatmate wanted for flatshare in Bethnal Green, London.

i find myself with an empty room in a flat in london to fill -- i'm moving out, my flatmates aren't, there's a spare room, long story -- and we need to find someone very soon. immediately, actually.. if you've got any friends who might be interested, could you ask around, spread the word a bit? would be *extremely* grateful. thanks!

estate agent bit coming up: Room available in converted biscuit factory precisely 90 seconds walk from Bethnal Green station (Central Line). Three bedroom modern flat, in secure block, with two friendly young males (accountants both, but don't hold that against them). full use of kitchen [count 'em: washing machine! microwave! dishwasher!], lounge, and bathroom with *exceptionally* good shower. 530ukp per month; available immediately.

a bit of backstory: i'm moving out of the flat because my girlfriend's moving up to london. so far so good! my current flatmates haven't been able to find anyone to move in, so there's an empty room -- and i'm liable for the rent. ah. so: here we are.

i'll buy you all beer sometime. i'll have a "people who helped matt" party in the new place. how does that sound, incentive enough?