Look here. In my life, I do a lot of moving files about from server to server. Mostly this is along a chain of servers, and because I don't know the passwords I use keyswaps, which let me get into a server I know, then - without having to use them - along a predefined route two or three servers along. But moving files along this route is a big pain. I use scp (secure copy) because it's easy (ish) and secure. It's using something like "scp [from filename] username@[to server]:[to filename]". And I have to do that for four hops. Argh. Gng. Etc.

What I want to be able to do is type "grab [filename]" in one server, "squash [filename]" to compress it, then travel to wherever I'm going and type "drop [filename]", and all the moving around and so and and so forth is doing automatically. That would be good.