13.03, Thursday 22 Feb 2001 Link to this post

This Thursday, it's my fresh Upsideclown.

Your arms stretched out to the sides you are drawn into one with the hill, together you cup this enormous space and suddenly everything turns upsidedown -- space becoming tangible, a mass around which your world is molded. One of the imperfections in this space flies over your head and you can hear the steady beat of a gull's wings as the push displaces the space and the space displaces the feathers. You have never heard this sound before. If this reverses the way you regard your universe, go to paragraph 2. If the insignificance of your self against the canvas of reality terrifies you, go to paragraph 3.

Earth, sky. Something, nothing. The fundamental dichotomy of the universe explored in today's Upsideclown: Space, Matter, Cities, Sausages.