Today, I feel magical. Today, I feel like I'm standing at the top of a mountain and that the path in all directions is clear. And then I read that Pyra is now just one person [MeFi thread] (Pyra make Blogger and the ease of use of the product have helped create a new wave of personal content). Yesterday, I think this would have concerned me. It would have bothered me, at least a little bit. I still feel for the people involved. It must hurt a great deal.

But today, I feel like we've been cut free. I feel that the fallout from this will be beautiful. Think of the tools that will get created. Think of the collapse of monolithic applications into tiny utilities that all work together to give people greater flexibility to express themselves online. Think of what will be created now people have stopped, thought, and decided that yes there is space to compete. Blogger has been humanised, it can return to being just something people use rather than the roots of the community (and there is a community here). Interoperating personal content management systems. Standards. Growth. Taking over the world. Letting a thousand flowers bloom. Etc.

I'm feeling like this about so many things. We lose roots, we gain the chance to fly on the wind, spreading spores where we go. Today, I feel magical.

(Later. This post sounds insensitive, doesn't it? I don't mean for it to. An awful thing has happened to people who have given a lot but they've got so much they can be proud of. And out of this, there's potential and opportunity.)