At Upsideclown: "That was the hundredth time we have made love. Counting the three times, two early on and one when you came back a day late from that weeklong conference in Leiden, when it was over almost before it started. Definitely not counting that one time when it actually was over before it started, which you were very kind about. And not counting the one time last week when you said that it didn't feel right, and asked me to stop."

Dan brings us the centenary issue of Upsideclown: Hecatomb. He has these just-so formed other lives, ever so detailed, and this is just one of them.

And now there are so many other announcements that it's time for an unordered list:

  • To celebrate our 100th issue, we're having a Readers Party called Upsidecrown. It's on Friday, in central London, and we hope you'll come along.
  • If you'd like to get Upsideclown articles by email every Monday and Thursday, send the word subscribe in the body of an email to Don't worry, we won't tell.
  • And if you like 'clown, why not come write for Upsideclone? It's the same, but different. Innit.

Announcements over. Please resume your lives.