Upcoming travel: SF w/c Mon 5 Feb

17.03, Thursday 11 Jan 2024

A date for your diary – I’m in San Francisco/the Bay Area the week of Mon 5 February.

Lmk if you can sneak me in anywhere to see cool and unlikely things.

Mainly I would love to catch up with old friends and grab coffee with new ones. You know my interests by now… AI, hardware, tools for thought, multiplayer, weird software, interstellar generation ships, that sort of thing. Drop me a note.

Though I do have one specific ask:

  • Do you have a space I could hang out at on Wed 7th? Somehow I’m doing a remote talk at lunchtime that day, and I could do with a quiet spot and good wifi to wave my arms around on Zoom. Thank you, I have this covered now!

I’m staying in the city.

If there’s any art I should see, I’d love to hear about that.

I’m planning on getting a car one day to stretch my legs somewhere over the bridge. Apparently there are some good loops over there. Not sure what day yet. I know that I’m in Palo Alto on Tuesday.

The excuse for the trip is Soc Sci Foo Camp hosted by O’Reilly, Meta, and SAGE, starting Friday 9th. Looking forward to saying hi if you’ll also be there.


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