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Hi, I’m Matt Webb.

About me

Work with me via my new boutique vehicle, Acts Not Facts. If you’re in we-need-to-figure-it-out mode, let’s chat (here are my interests). (Contact deets below.)

I have collaborated with some of the world’s largest firms on design-led product invention using new technology for over 20 years. I was MD of two London startup accelerators with R/GA Ventures, and co-founder and CEO of pioneering design studio BERG, where we shipped connected products and got work into the New York MoMA.

Over 2020—2022, as a consultant, I was part of the editorial team on an internal publication with the Google AI group, bridging the research and product organisations.

More… I co-wrote Mind Hacks (Amazon/Amazon UK) which has been translated into seven languages. Way back when, in 2004, I set up the BBC’s first podcast — the first national broadcaster to do so. My name is on six filed patents (three issued). I built an internet-connected vending machine to sell books. From time to time I give talks.

About the blog

I’ve been writing at Interconnected since February 2000. It’s my public notebook, and I use it to speculate about the future of technology, design, and society. That description makes it sound fancier than it is. Here are the top posts of 2023 of 68 published. Topics include AI, new software interfaces, protocols, ants, hip-hop ovens, and so on.

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