Looking for new projects or even a long-term something for 2023

16.37, Thursday 12 Jan 2023

I’m looking for new collabs and projects for 2023 – also, potentially, something long-term.

The most interesting stuff tends to be invisible and I’m not 100% sure what the destination looks like so this post is an attempt to prompt engineer my way there…


I split my time 80/20 last year. I’ve been heading up product and design at a super early stage startup. We focused down on the social, spatial web - all small groups and NPCs - and I had some of the most satisfying months of my career in product exploration with Ed, Florian, and Andrew.

It was a joy to both steer and also rediscover my practice in sketching and code – it’s always a kick to bounce between the high level (strategic or speculative) and the hands-on of spreadsheets, Keynote prototypes, writing React…

That has wrapped up for now. So I have room for new things in the mix.

I also continued my consultant editor role within Google Research, editing and writing our internal publication on AI, and it continues to be eye-opening and mind-fizzy. I’m very happy about some of the directions we pointed in.

Interests rn

Skimming back many years over my LinkedIn I alternate between creating environments for others to push technology forward (like establishing and running the first London accelerators for R/GA Ventures) and bringing my own interests to bear. I find both rewarding and (one day) would love to find a way to bridge the two.

Right now I’m especially interested in a few domains, familiar to anyone who has been reading this blog…

  • Multiplayer software - small groups - social gradients - serendipity - NPCs
  • AI - new interactions - new tools - cognition - history of computing
  • Tools for thought - adaptive design - programmability and composability
  • Physical computing - environments - hardware - glanceability - cyborgs
  • The meta: why don’t we have packed-switched drone networks - how can collaborations be catalysed - what makes teams embrace risk to invent

I enjoy operating around product, design, vision, exploration, process, leadership, direction, and pathfinding; generally when the problem space is uncertain and complex, taking things from nothing to BAU.

Look this is a fuzzy prompt but hopefully you get the idea.


I don’t have a definite org size in mind. A small multidisciplinary team would catch my eye. But whether that’s a small-ish startup, or R&D somewhere bigger, or spinning up something new in another way, I don’t have a specific picture in my head.

I’d be especially interested to speak with large orgs. I haven’t done that before and I’d like to explore how that could work.

Like I said, I’m curious about a long-term role and also shorter projects (for example I really enjoyed the Action Cat collab in December).

I live in London. Remote-first is good too, as is some travel.


I’d like to have a whole bunch of conversations! Please do email or book a call – and share this folks you know who seem like fellow travellers.

Thanks :)

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