Hey I’m passing through San Francisco next week

17.30, Friday 21 Oct 2022

Brief status update: I’m travelling through San Francisco next week to go hang out IRL with some buddies off a discord server and talk about the future. Because why not.

AND SO: I’ll be in the valley Tues 25th, and in the city Tues night and the morning of Weds 26th.

Old friends! There may be a handful of us grabbing a drink/dinner in the city on Tuesday. Drop me a note! Let’s see if paths coincide! Sorry for not messaging directly, this is a last-minute trip.

Opportunistic hellos? I’m super interested (and currently working in) in the intersection of tools for thought, the multiplayer web, presence and small groups (and group/environmental computing), AI/NPCs etc. I would love to connect with folks doing design/research that touches this space, especially at the bigger firms. If that sounds like you then please do ping me (email/Twitter DMs), and maybe we get coffee when I’m in California or maybe we play a round of Walkabout Mini Golf in the metaverse (lol) when I’m back home, something like that.

I feel like that was a bit of a dull post for almost everyone.

So here’s a live stream of a waterhole in the Namib Desert, Namibia (YouTube).

I have this open a whole bunch in the background nowadays. Dawn is good. You often see animals throughout the day. You can hear the wind. I would love a widget on my phone’s lock screen that pings when there is a lot of motion.

There ought to be more dependable HD live streams to watch. The fixed view and lack of editing is what makes it work (the ISS cam jumps around too much). Maybe a not-for-profit could drop and maintain cameras all over the world; rainforests, mountains, cities. That would be good. Better than zoos. Bonus points: two cameras for VR. Binaural sound.

Hey and on satellites too, why not. Nasa should send a 4K webcam to the Moon. How much would that cost? Not much in the scheme of things I bet. They should send landscape artists to other planets. Why Hasn’t David Hockney Been Given The Keys To The Mars Rover Yet.

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