Coffee morning two

10.12, Friday 28 Nov 2014

tl;dr next hardware coffee morning is Thurs. 4 Dec

So the first coffee morning was fun. That was last week. Who’s up for doing it again?

9.30 for a couple hours, Thursday 4th December, the Book Club in Old St.

Same as before… zero structure, people talking to people about products or hardware or burgers or hobbies. Ok so I’m saying that because I want to talk about hobbies.

I’ve sort of vaguely been saying to people I’ve met over the last week or so that there’s coffee happening, so there might be a few people coming and going.

Or it might be me doing my email on my own and getting steadily over-caffeinated, which I happily do too, and if you see that happening then do come join me.

It would be lovely to see you! Don’t be shy.

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