Hardware-ish coffee morning tomorrow

11.35, Wednesday 13 Apr 2016

[Short version: Coffee morning on Thurs 14 April in Old St! I sent this out to the coffee morning newsletter last week. Subscribe to the newsletter here.]

My Dearest Droogs,

We haven’t had a hardware-ish coffee morning at all this year. I’ve had no Thursdays because I’ve been avec job for a few months earning coins. I know, I know, but it happens to all of us sometimes. Still, done with that now, and fingers crossed I can avoid gainful employment for a little while longer.

Let’s hang out and drink too much coffee and talk about hardware! Same bat-time, same bat-channel:

Thursday 14 April, 9.30am for a couple of hours, at the Book Club (100 Leonard St).

Same old format… If you’re curious about, or working in… designing physical things, paper or weird sensors, installations, knitting, manufacturing, internet-connected doodads, retail for hardware startups, sculpture, investment, or whatever, please come along.

There’s no formal intros so it’s easy to sneak off if everyone is horrendous. (They’re mostly not.) Come say hi to me when you turn up, and we’ll make sure you chat with interesting folks. (Most everyone is interesting.) Everyone loves prototypes, so bring em along if you have em. There are usually one or two.

If you’re a woman, or don’t present or identify as a dude, please do feel welcome. It’s a concern to me that this tech industry, while very human and egalitarian in its early days (this goes for mainstream tech and hardware startups too) appears to heavily skew to Mainly Dudes as time goes on. That’s something I can push against, a tiny bit, by trying to ensure these coffee mornings don’t go the same way.

(On which serious note: If you don’t feel you would be welcome - obviously or in hidden ways - at a hardware-ish coffee morning, and you’d be willing to share your feedback privately with ideas of how I could improve the format, I’d like to hear. My personal email is matt AT interconnected DOT org. Thank you!)

See you on the 14th!


ps. I’ve got a new hobby and it’s a robot bookshop that tweets. You can visit it! Here it is. It’s called Machine Supply.

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