Hardware-ish coffee morning, Thursday 10th

09.50, Thursday 3 Nov 2016

Time for a hardware-ish coffee morning…

Thursday 10 November, 9.30am for a couple of hours, at the Book Club, 100 Leonard St.

You know the score: No intros, no presentations. Just a corner at a handy cafe and seriously talk to EVERYONE it’s worth it. Bring prototypes if you have em, and if you don’t then your good self is enough… especially if you’re interested in hardware, discovering spectacular new business models that make delivering hardware worth it (sigh), Kickstarter, how to get to manufacture, tinkering, etc, etc.

Sometimes there are four of us, sometimes 14. Once there were 24. All super relaxed and friendly. Come along!

(This coffee morning is on request. Somebody got in touch because they want to bring some early protos. Awesome!)

My secret agenda – I’m heading up R/GA’s newest startup program and we’re investing in hardware and Internet of Things companies. I’m on the hunt for great startups. But if you’re interested in the program, don’t feel you need to come to this… coffee morning is about hanging out with everyone there, not about me. To talk program stuff, we can always Skype. Book a time here.

See you on the 10th!

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