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12.05, Friday 15 Jan 2016


Time-lapse of scenery in Red Dead Redemption.

Western video game. Keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel.


Homo erectus made world’s oldest doodle 500,000 years ago.

Art by non-humans would make me feel we had more company in the universe. I’m not quite sure this counts, but it’s close.


The art of viewing moss.

Microscopic rainforests.


The colour of e-ink… that grey screen that goes back to the first Amazon Kindle.

Or these new London bus stops using e-paper, the same.

Web pages used to always have a grey background – inherited from the grey used by Mosaic in 1993.

The other day I stepped out of the tube and the sky was this medium grey – not matte, not dark, not bright, not quite pearlescent, just… there. The colour of an e-ink screen before the words arrive.

See also, blue.

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