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18.41, Monday 5 Oct 2015


8,400 photos of Nasa’s missions to the Moon, all in high res.

See some examples.

I’m using John’s Background Switcher to automatically change my desktop background every 30 minutes to one of these photos. To do this: Create a picture set that gets its pics from Flickr and just a certain user. Use the username 136485307@N06.

See also: NASA Graphics Standards Manual (1976).


Towards a Jupiter Weather Forecast which caught my eye basically because of this diagram of Jove.


GORGEOUS geometric animations by Guy Moorhouse.

And how he makes them. Process, source code, etc.


Natural Born Cyborgs? by Andy Clarke:

We tend to think of our biological brains as the point source of the whole final content. But if we look a little more closely what we may often find is that the biological brain participated in some potent and iterated loops through the cognitive technological environment.

Some old notes (on this blog) on Stewart and Cohen’s concept of extelligence, from Mike Holderness:

Your extelligence, then, includes all the elements of what it is like to be you which do not reside in that unlikely grey goo in your skull.

Look, I know the time even though that knowledge is on the lock screen of my phone, not in my skull.

What happened to me this morning was that I had the strongest feeling I was supposed to be in a meeting this afternoon – and that I’d deleted this from my Google Calendar and forgotten it. I’ve definitely deleted something - who knows what - and given nobody has gotten in touch, I guess it was meant to be deleted. But still, the feeling.

This feels like a new feeling. I get that tip-of-the-tongue sensation every so often, and it feels like it’s located in my mouth. I know it’s not, it’s in my brain, but it’s tangled up with my tongue and by rehearsing syllables I can sometimes retrieve the word.

This feeling - this new feeling - feels like tip-of-the-tongue but located in my Google Calendar, somewhere in the aether. Super weird. The feeling of minor cognitive dysfunction in my exoself.

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