15.29, Thursday 21 Sep 2006

Eurofoo last weekend, my second everyone-presents, everyone-is-super-intelligent-and-friendly conference this month, was illuminating and enjoyable. I was on idea fire, as my notes file attests, though not all - or many - of them were good (I seem to remember suggesting a 3d printer fuelled by haemophilic mice and a clotting agent, eugh). Particular highlights include both of Ben Gimpert's presentations, one on his previous projects (all terrific--the Holy Shallot related food browser is inspired, hilarious and useful) and another on cooking and mouthfeel, and Sunday evening's mind-blowing conversation with Nat Torkington, which took me in a million directions, forced me to articulate my business (fruits of which will be seen soon, I'm sure), contained concepts and trends a-plenty, and kept me buzzing well into the following day.

I presented App After App, an iterated version of my session at Barcamp London (there under the title 'Future Application Archetypes'). It's a discussion of where I see the future of web apps, diverging into genres including: desktop deployed; smart and massive; situated; ambients; in-betweeners, and; Atom-A.

If you want to find out what those are, you're in luck as I've put the slides online. Apologies for the rough notes--I've spent all of a few hours on a couple of Sundays on the presentation, though the ideas themselves have been growing in a text file on my desktop for quite some time.

Read: App After App, or, A zoology of next year's web applications.