A little context. This presentation is about the datapoints I’ve been gathering over the past year or so, trendwatching the web applications we’ll be building in the coming years. The first time I gave it (as “Future Application Archetypes”) was at 10am on Sunday morning of BarCamp London. No pictures and a tired audience does not an exciting presentation make, but still I got some good feedback… and so the feedback (and some pictures) were rolled into an updated version for Eurofoo. Again, fantastic feedback and some validation of the ideas in bar conversations.

You’ll notice this talk isn’t as tight as others I give. It’s a braindump, really, for information gathering, and to establish and name these archetypes. It’s been very good for that. Anyway, on with the show…

Hello. I think most of the people here know me already, but just for form: I’m Matt Webb, of Schulze & Webb.

I have to apologise on two counts. First I’ve taken one of the scarce projector rooms. Last time I gave this presentation it was really apparent it needed illustrations, so there you go. Second, I’m talking about the web. I know web apps are possibly the most unhip thing I could be talking about at this kind of conference, but y’know, because of the work I do they seem really exciting to me right now.

In summary I’m going to discuss the future of web apps, in terms of the six types of app they’ll become. These are:

Oh, the work I do:

Matt Webb, S&W, posted 2006-09-21 (talks on 2006-09-03, 2006-09-17)