15.36, Monday 31 Jul 2006

I spoke at Futuresonic in Manchester a week or so ago (mentioned previously). A tremendous time was had, with musical highlights being Battles and a Toshio Iwai+2 performance, and then, later, an late-night water-feature tour of Manchester courtesy of F., culminating in paddling with F. and T. outside Urbis at some ludicrous hour. Much fun, much giggling.

But, I spoke!

My presentation is online: Iterative architecture (built on an internet of things). In it, I leapfrog the precise characteristics of the instrumented world and - since I'm not an architect - consider instead a simplistic Iterative City, a gedanken space-ship. Over several generations, how would the inhabitants of a space-ship, with lightness of architecture not afforded by conventional cities, re-shape it? I outline 5 consequences of this, and touch on how they apply to other iterable spaces.