15.06, Friday 14 Jul 2006

Two conferences: I've just returned from We Love Technology, a day conference organised by blink. I hadn't realised how much good work was going on in Huddersfield, or what a pretty town it is. I was also privileged to meet the folks of both TileToy and Troika who blew me away with their friendliness, open hardware and code (the former), and exceptional work (the latter)--especially how they discuss it. Add onto that the many other conversations and people, and it was a tremendous event.

I was speaking about engaging technology. My talk is more a collection of starting points rather than any sustained argument, but it does lead up to my new motto, ACTS NOT FACTS, so I got that out of my system at least. As usual, the talk is online: Engaging Technology.

Next Thursday/Friday/Saturday I'll be at Futuresonic Manchester, attending the Social Technologies Summit. I'm on a panel with Tom Carden and Stanislav Roudavski, discussing "Iterative Architecture (Built On An Internet Of Things)".

I've never been to Futuresonic - or Manchester - before and I'm totally excited by it. Apart from the Summit, Futuresonic is mainly an electronic music and arts festival, so I'm going to absorb as much dirty sampling, clicks, ambient and media art as I can. Please do get in touch if you're planning to do--I might need some showing around.

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