All posts made in Feb. 2006:

Far from mushrooms, 100-microsecond-exposure photos of atomic bomb detonations look like kohlrabi.

Masochuticon #2 is Dan with Fandom: I have spoken to fans of mine--once the stuttering and gasping and general incomprehensibility has subsided a little--who talk about the feeling of being held in a fist or struck in the chest. It's impact and compression. It's violence.


Masochuticon! Hey, new project. Seven of us have got together to write new fiction, once a week, in a similar fashion to my previous writing project, Upsideclown. You may recognise a few names, but what they all have in common is that they're people I want to see stories from. It's all about me, of course. We're calling it Masochuticon, and we publish on Wednesdays.

Kicking off is Anne with I ape the satisfied cadaver. Read.