Well, finally, it's my turn to write something for Masochuticon. A taster: I got this thing and kept it in my pocket; it let me pretend I had friends. You still have it, but haven't used it recently. It is called a MyPeopleGalaxy. A stupid name, it doesn't matter. They're made in China because plastic is cheap there, and programmed by a fella who does neural networks and natural language something-or-other. Who knows, I just read the box. It is blue. It comes with a radio controlled glove. Two gloves, sorry.

I'm sad to say that it seems I haven't discovered any new themes in the 2 years I haven't be writing regular, public fiction (you'll see). Alas! I shall be limbering up to dazzling ideas slowly, it seems. And I'm also sad to say that today's story is a little silly and contains some naughty words. Also the title is a Michael Jackson reference, which isn't terribly fashionable. Anyway. It's a joy to be writing again.

Masochuticon #7 is They follow each other on the wind. Read.