(Okay, so there's a possibility that Googlematic may be on TechTV's Call For Help tonight. At 5pm Eastern. When is that? In about six minutes? Um. So, if you can watch it, could you let me know what happens? Cheers.)

(Update | Apparently it went quite badly. The screenname I set up must have been visible or something, and I neglected to make clear that this was a for-demo version only (Call For Help is interactive I find out now), so the first thing I know the new bot gets a shit-load of traffic then the AIM version falls over. And gets maxed out on searches. Nice. So much for my first by-proxy tele appearance. As long as you don't count the one when I was six and was in the background cheering while a man attempted the sub four minute mile near my primary school. And failed. Sigh.)