Acts Not Facts weeknote #6

09.56, Monday 11 Dec 2023

Monday. My first unaccounted-for day in weeks. Phew. I’m going to the British Library where I’m going to hang out and sketch in one of the science reading rooms for old time’s sake. Maybe spelunk the shelves for interesting journals, c.f. that time I read every issue of Electrical Review magazine from the 1880s and 1890s.

Shelves only. Can’t get anything from the stacks, it turns out the BL was knocked over in a cyber attack last Friday and the systems are still down.

I had an epiphany last week about what I want Acts Not Facts to become so that’s what I want to sketch about.

PartyKit. After wrapping the new brand and site Mark Hurrell designed a polyrhythmic drum machine.

So I built it, and you can play here: partycore – 3 track natively multiplayer looping step sequencer, always 140bpm. It’s fun.

The PartyKit blog has all the gory technical details.

It’s my first time doing audio in the browser (I used Tone.js, neat to have another tool in the toolbox). And intriguing to think about the layers of multiplayer interaction: the steps in the drum machine are synced in near realtime, but the loops play independently for every user.

Client Who Cannot Be Named can possibly be named this week sometime, comms grids willing. I’m a way downstream of a different announcement.

Focus of both this week is product invention + AI. No strategy.

I’m tapping this with my thumbs on the crowded train and a tiny spider just swam horizontally past my head, an inch from my eyes, apparently on a thread too delicate to be seen.

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