I’m also blogging over at the Job Garden blog

10.30, Thursday 28 Jun 2018

It’s been a little quiet on this site lately. A bunch of my writing energy has been going into weekly posts on the Job Garden blog.

Job Garden is a new kind of social job board. I started building it because I know a bunch of great startups, and I want to help them with their hiring. It’s a real scratch-my-own-itch kind of thing. Right now on my personal job board there are 38 open roles at 12 companies, and you can check them out here.

It’s only 12 weeks old. I try to add something to it every week. So this week: somebody other than me has created a job board. Last week: I launched weekly email updates of new jobs. The week before that, the ability to focus down on just London jobs.

It’s super simple (the tech is entirely within my comfort zone), there’s zero visual design, in terms of stage it’s like pre-pre-alpha, and it’s fun to stretch these muscles that haven’t had a workout in a long ol’ while.

The weekly posts can be a bit rambly, and occassionally stray into the realm of “half-thought-through opinions about code” which, who knows, might be entirely up your street.

To read from the beginning, the blog has a weeknotes categories.

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