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10.25, Monday 12 Feb 2018


This incredible 1933 Betty Boop animation from Snow White, to the music of St. James Infirmary Blues.

Watch it.

What happens when you treat animation as a pure moving visual field, rather than constraining it to representing a physics-compliant 3D simulation.

Be reminded of: the bit in Dumbo where he gets drunk. Pink Elephants on Parade.


This video wallpaper, at Moodica.

Moods ranging from Cityscapes to Satisfying Sorting.

I’m not sure what I would use these slow videos for, but I would like to find a place in my life for them.

Versus: Archillect TV. Fast moving video slideshow of GIFs, snippets, and patterns.


5 minutes of default Cisco system hold music, set to fast-cut glitchy cyber-era video.

See also: Mark Leckey’s GreenScreenRefrigerator, Part 1. A black Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator stood on a green screen infinity cyc while [Leckey] coaxed it into revealing its thoughts and actions.

See also: the vapourwave aesthetic, an early-2000s musical and visual microgenre associated with glitch art, Ancient Greek sculptures, 2000’s web design, outmoded computer renderings and classic cyberpunk aesthetics.


Watch this Italian pop song that sounds like American English.

Prisencolinensinainciusol, by Adriano Celentano. 1972. You may die laughing.

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