Book recommendations from the Juvet AI Retreat

16.55, Saturday 30 Sep 2017

I’ve been at a retreat the last few days, 20 of us at a gorgeous hotel in Norway nattering about artificial intelligence. Here’s a photo of how insanely beautiful Norway is. And here’s a list of who was there, plus some more background on the retreat from the organisers.

I collected book recommendations as I’ve done regularly at conferences. The question I ask is always the same: What 3 books should I read this year? I don’t want to hear your best-ever books, nor the books that will make everyone believe you’re a super-genius, just… if we were speaking face to face, knowing what you know about me, what are the 3 books you would recommend for me right now? Here’s a pic of how the question is posed. Putting it that way gets some cracking suggestions.

Anyway, I’ve ended up with 40 recommendations from a dozen-plus folks. So here they are. All links go to a physical edition at Amazon UK.

Book recommendations

Adrian Zumbrunnen, @azumbrunnen_:

Amber Case, @caseorganic:

Ben Sauer, @bensauer:

Bill Thompson, @billt:

Cennydd, @cennydd:

Chris Noessel, @chrisnoessel:

Dan Harvey, @dancharvey:

Dan Hon, @hondanhon:

Ishan, @poietic:

(I’m tempted to say that recommending a whole series is cheating…)

Josh Clark, @bigmediumjosh:

Karen Kaushanskyn, @kjkausha:

Kate Devlin, @drkatedevlin:

Me, Matt, a.k.a @genmon:

Warren Ellis, @warrenellis:

Recommendation made with no name attached:

  • Feed, M. T. Anderson Fiction

Thanks all! Transcription corrections welcome.

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