Filtered for heavy dogs

10.38, Monday 1 Jun 2015


Tinitell, a wristphone for kids.

Product video.

Voice recognition, a battery that lasts a week, kid-to-kid comms, and GPS for the parents.


Keecker, a video projector attached a home robot.

Some interesting use-cases…

  • walk through your house skyping with a friend in Tokyo with KEECKER following you,
  • or see what’s happening in real time by moving KEECKER around your house [I assume remotely]

I mean, my Apple Watch means notifications follow me around by virtue of it being tied to my wrist. But another way of doing this is computation literally following me around.

See also the Lily drone – a drone with follow-me functionality, and 20 minutes of HD video. I love the idea that the language of film direction is coming into everyday life, that you could call out to your Lily different camera angles at it swings around you snowboarding down a mountain.

Or walking to the shops, whatever.


Tingbot, Raspberry Pi-powered alarm-clock-form-factor box to run apps at home.


From New Scientist, February 1976:

A US nuclear laboratory is said to maintain a “heavy dog”–fed with heavy water and “heavy” food, and with the heavy isotope deuterium replacing normal hydrogen throughout the whole body.

The heavy dog would have some unusual properties,

[it] would be invisible to a MRI scanner. The dog would still be clearly visible to the naked eye so apart from confusing the staff operating the scanner I can see no advantage to this.

Heavy dog.

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