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14.10, Friday 29 May 2015

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Look, there are two sequences in Wild Life which the narrator Charlotte Bridger Drummond spends in silence – one in the forest and one in the company of other people. And nobody but nobody writes about silence better than Gloss. The Dazzle of the Day - her science fiction novel about starships and Quakers - puts silence (and in this case spirituality) right at the centre. You can look through silence, see what is refracted through it, and you can look around it, and it has heft and volume, and many many hues. But it’s invisible. It’s where things are born, or where you can become trapped. It’s animal, outside language. But the other way too, it’s where god speaks.

Anyway. I’m in the library. A week or two back I was hiking in the mountains.

Book from the Ground is a graphic novel told with emoji.

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