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09.04, Friday 17 Apr 2015


Giant realistic cat head, with photos of it being worn (via @matlock).


Bacon by post: Cure & Simple.

Gosh there are tons of these subscriptions boxes.

This is the sharp end of - and this is how the Harvard Business Review puts it - why strong customer relationships trump powerful brands.

[digital technologies] allow more direct interactions with customers, bypassing expensive middlemen and reducing the cost of sales and marketing; they allow firms to optimize customer lifecycle management based on detailed data and analysis of customers’ needs; they improve efficiency and quality across the value chain as a result of continuous customer feedback

Meanwhile the value of a brand is declining because purchasing decisions have become more fact based, and less brand-image based.


@herdyshepherd1, shepherd, author, and Twitter superstar. His new book on the Lake District is half autobiography, half history, and half manifesto for land and animals: The Shepherd’s Life.

His story and some pictures.


Herdwick sheep are ‘hefted’; which means they hold (without fences) to a place on the fell (mountain) because they are taught a sense of belonging by their mothers in their first summer. This stretches back countless centuries and has never been broken.

This is the bit where I make some awkward analogy between hefting and brand recognition/customer lifetime value.


Tempescope, an ambient weather display for the home that looks like a glass jar with actual weather happening in it. Fog, rain, etc.

Patch of Sky, a set of three Internet connected ambient lights, enabling you to share the sky above you in real-time with loved ones, wherever they are.

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