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All Cameras are Police Cameras by James Bridle, the first of a series of reports from The Nor, an investigation into paranoia, electromagnetism, and infrastructure.

All about the Third London Wall, one made not out of stone or checkpoints but bits, electrons and radio waves.

Full of good meaty stuff like this: Surveillance images are all “before” images, in the sense of “before and after”. The “after” might be anything […]

But - I don’t know - something about power and whatever-comes-after-matter. Paranoia too, that’s a fucking massive looming ocean that we can’t even tell we’re in. I’m glad James is looking, I hope he can see it and tell us.


Two images on Twitter I liked.

Second most common languages in the 30-something London boroughs, being: Punjabi, Gujurati, Polish, Turkish, Urdu, Spanish, Portugeuse, Arabic, Bengali, French, Tamil, Nepalese, and Lithuanian. Why I love London.

That comet we [humanity] just landed on, 30 light minutes away, called either comet 67P or Churyumov-Gerasimenko… here’s the comet comped over a city. It’s either really big or really small, I’m not sure which.

I was just trying to describe why I liked this so much. Frontiers. Because we should be mining the Moon and populating the Asteroid Belt.

The Little Prince.

China called its Moon rover Jade Rabbit which sadly didn’t rove as much as hoped. When its battery died, the announcement was made in the voice of Jade Rabbit itself: Although I should’ve gone to bed this morning, my masters discovered something abnormal with my mechanical control system … Nevertheless, I’m aware that I might not survive this lunar night.


I’m thinking a bunch about how to best help startups. Paul Miller and Jessica Stacey wrote Good Incubation, a report on how to incubate specifically social ventures. (Paul runs Bethnal Green Ventures, a London startup accelerator that focuses on social good and has done everything from 3D printed prosthetics for kids, to a smartphone with an ethical supply chain.)

Conventionally a startup’s progress is measured by revenue, traction, funding, etc.

Part II of the report puts forward a way of seeing startups by their primary challenge, and therefore how they can be most helpfully supported.

There are five archetypes:

  • Team Formers
  • Proposition Seekers
  • Customer Hunters
  • Model Clarifiers
  • Scalers

For each, the report points out its needs and common pitfalls.


Toba Boca, genius makers of smartphone toys for kids, have released a gentle, gorgeous woodland snowglobe called Toca Nature.

It doesn’t persist, you re-make your world each time you play. You don’t raise and lower the land, you make lakes for beavers and mountains for wolves. You make little discoveries. You don’t look up at the sky, you look into the forest.

I’ve always been taken by the Wood Between the Worlds in the Narnia books. A transitional forest outside time and space, in the gaps between the eleven worlds. A quiet woodland pond for each world, step into it and–

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