16.31, Monday 11 Feb 2008

Next up: I've been to O'Reilly ETech since ETech 2002, and was planning to have 2008 off. But then I saw the sessions: tangible internet objects, the brain and society, activity-based interaction, crowds, social networks and warfare, PMOG, botnets, sex, Asian media, body hacking, Cuba, and more sex.

So I'm going, it looks to awesome to skip. See you in San Diego! Drop me a line if you fancy a beer.

I'm canyoning first for a few days in Arizona.

Also coming up: I'm keynoting at GUADEC, the GNOME Users' And Developers' European Conference, in Istanbul in July. Not my usual turf I have to admit, but the brief grabbed me--I've been asked to speak about what you see the future of software being - desktop vs web app vs hybrid - and of course the kinds of things that you have on your mind which led to Mind Hacks. And how could I turn that down? I'm a sucker for a good topic.