11.00, Tuesday 29 Jan 2008

My super power would be to know the resonant frequency of a thing as soon as look at it, and have the range of movement in my hands such that I could match those frequencies.

(Other super powers I would like.)

For example I would place my hands on the trunk of a cedar and vibrate my palms at resonance. It would swing wildly, only gradually at first. At the opportune time: shove--down it would come. Except that I wouldn't want to.

Bees buzz on the turbulent flow of the air. Fish bumble too, pushing against and off the whorls emergent in the fluid dynamics of the ocean. They slip slide in the low pressure gaps the physics leaves.

Perhaps if I could shiver the surface of my body correctly and variously, I could create micro currents and micro vacuums in the air just touching me, every skin cell tacking into the wind. Then I would swim through them and on them, like stepping stones, like pinball, like progress and careers and love and life, like falling upwards.