16.21, Tuesday 21 Mar 2006

favcol is reborn, finding Flickr's favourite colour, courtesy of Paul Hammond. You may remember that I launched a hunt for the web's favourite colour in July 2003, using email and MMS picture messaging, and favcol subsequently reached BBC News Online, a couple of newspapers, a radio show, and prompted someone online to comment (I wish I could remember who) that it was like finding the world's favourite food by getting everyone's top meal and pulping them together. Happy days. Then my server died in an unrelated accident and favcol was no more.

Paul IM'd me, not very long ago at all, and suggested rebuilding favcol to use Flickr tags and photos with a Creative Commons license. He whipped it up and - I have to be honest - it's a ton better in looks and how it works than my attempt. I just pointed the domain name. Good stuff Paul.

These are the photos submitted to favcol so far (good looking!), and you can see the current favourite colour on favcol itself (right now it's a muted brownish maroon.)