10.51, Wednesday 11 Jan 2006

My Nokia N70 just arrived as an upgrade from Vodafone. Colour me impressed. Good touches: It runs without the sim card, and you don't need to charge it the whole way before using it. Straightaway I could run the Transfer app, which sent - via Bluetooth - a corresponding application to my old phone (an ancient Nokia 6600), and transferred my images and video clips across (it offered to do my contacts and calendars too, but I declined). Very good. Ease of moving between handsets has been the big missing feature.

Plus, it works with Mac OS X 10.4.4 and iSync. Here's how: Download the files from this article, How To iSync A Nokia N70 With An Apple Mac (it even includes an N70 icon). Copy them to the suggested place (I also used the Terminal to check the ownership and permissions were the same). On the N70, enable app installation: Go to Tools > Manager > Options > Settings, and turn application installation "On" (and make sure certificate checking is off) [instructions via All About Symbian]. Use Add Device from the Bluetooth menu on the Mac, then use iSync! Fantastic.

Last thing. The sim fits under an easy-to-lift holder, so you don't cut up your fingers on sharp metal edges as on all the other mobile's I've used. I've no idea what the phone's like to use yet, but I already like it.