21.01, Wednesday 23 Nov 2005

The Church of Mrs Bins and her Nine Lovely Daughters: I've written about this twice, and I think it's worth pulling together, in one place, what I know about her daughters. I see them as the deepest lines of flights of the universe. My sources are The Church of Mrs Bins, which is about the sect, and Proceeding to the next stage which gives a little more information, and says: Mrs Bins models the universe with her voluptuous daughters who represent the Nine Figments of Reality. Daughter Five is the cycle of life; Daughter Six is the harsh unfairness of the world; and so on.

Daughter one is unknown.

2: Mercy. Mercy is what comes after entropy. Once there is a vastness beyond vastness, something happens. Side-effects mount up, water creates an ocean; suddenly, on the surface, waves and a niche appear. Mercy is the emergence of something from the never ending terribleness of before. It might not happen, it might.

3: The trinity. As the text goes, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, rolled up, plump and sunny. To celebrate our god: Once a year we kill her. Once a week we eat her. Metaphorically, so we don't really, but once it happened. "One down, eight to go!" said Mrs Bins, mouth full. Daughter 3 is the world, god, and coyote... or rather, she is the fact that three always go together. We eat her, that's the essence of the human, to eat (to linearise, to experience) the all, and digest (to meshwork it, to give back out, to utter, to calcify, to die). She is the funnel.

Four is also unknown.

Daughter number five is the metabolic cycle, autopoiesis, the circuit, generations (so she's unfinished circuits too). She is the dance between convergence and divergence. Not time itself, but that which manages to persist through time by re-creating itself, and - in particular - the way the mechanism of the recreation exerts its own force on what exists. We are surrounded by what persists, and how it does so.

6 is the Leopard, the judgement of humankind by the universe, the objective morality. She is a cross between Zoroastrian wills, and lines of flight. She is constraint; she gives us meaning.

7 and 8 are unknown.

Nine is deaf, death, the you-are-no-centre.

I do wonder what the other daughters are. They could reference what the Zoroastrian wills cover, the epiphany, something about transformation (copies can never be made exactly), the force naming exerts on the model (the way ideas are more easily comprehended than communicated, for example, told with Moses and the tablets down the mountain and also the naming trouble) or the way things get doubly articulated. Perhaps one is like Odysseus tying himself to the mast, which is how time-binding can be used to make impossible encounters where you're unable to trust yourself. Or maybe they're something more human, through daughter 6 already speaks to human constraints like the game theory equations that shape our social world.

It's impossible to know until the daughters manifest themselves, I suppose. I'll find a way to reveal them.