13.05, Tuesday 22 Mar 2005

My notes file has been filling up:

  • It'd be funny if, after centuries of map projections, the world really did turn out to be flat because of the mountain and valley wrinkles.
  • If we have no expectations, there are no surprises; that's why it's hard to tell jokes to dogs. -- Peter Turchi, Maps of the Imagination, p183. I play a chasing game with my dogs, involving double-crossing and expectation. It tickles both of our expectations. A joke?
  • Godel counting is everything. IPs as extension of memory space (from Edge #155). Shift from memory as copy-representation to memory as facet of the actual thing, which is looked up from a pointer. Big trend of addressability, replacing navigation as implicit in the landscape.
  • File email with Powerbook accelerometer. Back for trash, towards you to keep. Metronome: one email a second. Uses both the blink response and good/evil priming.
  • Three killer apps for rapid prototyping to hit the mainstream: Sex toys (opendildonics meets fleshlight interactive etc); downloading, printing, painting craft objects at local fairs; short-run printing of house accessories, eg matching soap dish. Local 3d printing shops.
  • Ultrasound fingertips, microphones on the ears, known position of hands (in front), it's a drawing interface. Contact lenses with transparent screens that know what to display from PAN. Inductive loops in fingertips to move stuff on computer screen, and get haptic feedback. The bodymod crowd clearing the way for this with novelty.

Coming up (and this is why I need to dump my notes now): Mind Hacks has an outing in London on Wednesday night--we're speaking at Foyles (get a ticket); More evnt; [Chasing] consultancy jobs on physical computing, social software (esp. situated), software design, so-called psychological ergonomics, opportunity spotting (the emerging mass market, differentiated along axes we can barely see yet). Etc.