I'm hooked on Animal Crossing (Nintendo MMO for 5-8 year olds). I've just got the multiplayer version for my DS and I'd like to try out having guests and visiting other towns. If you want to say hello, I'm Genmon of Londra and you'll need my friendcode: 2062-2048-3996. I think I'll also need yours, so let me know by email. (Oh, and I'm 107436-228492 on Mariokart.)

Incidentally, Animal Crossing is a game where all the other non-player characters are bipedal speaking animals. Londra, my town, is also the capital of the Dark Empire of Granbretan in Michael Moorcock's Hawkmoon books. Londra is a city of grotesque architecture that aches the eye as soon as you look at it. Granbretanians speak languages secret to the Order they are part of and obsessively wear ornate masks when in public, decorated to look like animal heads.