I've finally come to a rest, after Helsinki (as S&W, presenting project deliverables to Nokia), New York (for State of Play [notes] and meeting more great people than I can mention, both new and old), and Reykjavik. I'm stationary for a couple of weeks, then off to Design Engaged in Berlin. I must say, I'm totally over-excited. The people, what it was like last year, the ideas... I'm grinning just thinking about it.

Anyway. It's good to be back in London. My friends tell me that they have months when all their friends get married, or get pregnant. While I've been offline, Tom has found a new home with Yahoo and Adam's book is on Amazon, conferences have happened, and a couple of dozen services have launched or been acquired. I feel behind the curve. Hey, and Ning launched. That was my summer job. Bloody good. And lots to say about it, too, when I get a chance.