Count backwards with me... This is funny because three days ago, here's the plan: I want to get on my scooter without my helmet and crash my scooter into the ground and see how much damage I can do to myself.

What we're forgetting is: Before this, before all this, before irony, before presentation of self, there was Ben Brown, and he wrote in which he has a positive outlook. Read it, for the haiku, for the kidnapping, right till the end:

I want intimacy -- not physical touch suck fuck intimacy. I want that level of closeness you get with someone after they've seen you naked. Nakedness is the last secret. It's the thing we hide from everyone. Hi, I'll get on national radio and tell everyone I'm on anti-depressants and my father raped me, but good god, you can't see my vagina. Only, after I've seen it, snuck a little peek, you can tell me everything. I can tell you everything. It's the last wall.

With all sincereness, lol, and: here is reality of the internet. We live in this man's shadow.