Questions, the main thing about EuroFoo was people asking questions of other people. Everyone I met was doing startling things [seriously startling things, really] and happy to explain it to me, and to feed back additions and new angles on what I was doing too (which was rather unnerving, as everyone had more ambient knowledge about what I've been working on than I do, and kept on giving me new ideas). But questions, all over the place. Often suggestions and speculations, but always questions. And the sessions were really hour-long answers to the basic question "so, what are you interested in?" but in a conversational way. Lots of interaction (and more questions), and follow-ups in the bar (with more questions). So much sharing. Wonderful, what a crowd. So many people who have made things, I feel rather underachieving. It's motivating.

(Later: Aha, EuroFoo is a meatspace wiki. That's it!)

In other news, I have mosquito stigmata. I was bitten in bed, Sunday morning, once on each of the pulse points on my wrists. They itch like billy-o.