EuroFoo? Just got back, thanks. How was it? Best weekend I've had in ages. Huge amounts of fun. Mainly, three things: Loads of great conversations (brains, 3d printers for shoes (that is: to print shoes, and instead of shoes, like a superpower), and something about a mouse with the legs of a spider). Also, I spoke (5 minutes prep after being distracted in the bar all evening and an hour of bouncing round infront of a projector screen. I had fun, and I hope I made a tiny bit of sense to everybody else). Third, the student bar opposite with their cheesy euro dance that took me straight back to 1996 and the good old days. I haven't had a good dance like that for a long time. Tangent: check out Digitally Imported for streaming radio of this kind of thing.

I understand photos exist somewhere. I've not seen them. Ah.

So. Hello to everyone I met. Please mail me with whatever I asked you to remind me to let you know about! (Old friends and new friends too, too many to mention.) There's some fun stuff bubbling away in the syndication and blogging technology world. Got some great ideas, really workable, evolvable, exciting ideas going with Diego (who got code going too!) and Ben (also some novel ideas for syndication in games and interactive, long timescale state machines here).

Last things. I rediscovered my hat for this camp which has been with me now for nine years and has some wonderful memories associated. And then I left it on the tube, which had me truly miserable for a half hour until Phil said he'd rescued it. That was on the way back. Also, big shout out to my friends, the ducks. Some of them them bark like quiet, breathy dogs. Lastly, thanks to Tim O'Reilly for kicking this off, the team who organized (especially Gina who printed demos out for me at close to midnight on Friday), and everyone for being there, running sessions, and sharing ideas. Oh, and for not publicizing the photos of me dancing around with my hands in the air. Right?